Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sleeves and Dove Bars

One sleeve is started. I should have picked a specific spot in the strand of yarn to make it easy to match the pattern on the other sleeve, but thought of it too late -- the story of my life. (In case you wondered, this is cheater sock yarn.) I should be making notes on this pattern in case I ever make it again.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the peace lily today -- the sunlight was shining through the blossoms, though the camera didn't catch that. They are one of the best houseplants for 'laundering' our air. This from an environmental website:

"Environmentalists have celebrated the peace lily for its ability to clean the air, removing chemicals like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. NASA conducted a study on houseplants and named the peace lily among the top ten plants for removing indoor chemicals and keeping the air 'greener.'”


"The plant is toxic. Ingested by children it can cause mouth ulcerations, and vomiting. A small amount of leaves chewed by a dog or cat is even more dangerous and potentially lethal. If you suspect a child or animal has eaten peace lily, you should contact poison control immediately. For the safety of all residents in your home, it’s suggested that you do not keep peace lilies if you have children or animals."

We have two cats, though, and they leave this alone, although they do like to chew on a couple of others.

A little private joke at our house. DH adores Dove Bars, but only milk chocolate with almonds. He always has a box in the freezer. Yesterday when he stopped to get another, the store only had dark chocolate without almonds. He shopped around until he found the ones he likes, and then -- just to make sure no emergencies arise such as having to go to bed without his evening Dove Bar -- he stocked up:
I laughed when I opened the freezer door.

green plants
corn on the cob for supper

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Leslie said...

Love the sweater. The second one always goes better because we make all the mistakes on the first one. :)