Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting ready to go . . .

Here's how I do meds for traveling -- I sew channels from top to bottom of a baggie. Then I poke one day's meds to the bottom of each channel:
Then I sew across the top of those, making a little pocket for each day:
Here's fifteen days worth (I should be gone twelve days, but always take an extra three days worth -- you never know what might happen):
Each morning I use the scissors in my little Swiss Army Knife (in checked bag) to cut one pocket open. At the end of the trip I have at the most three pockets left. I'm a big believer in 'throw-as-you-go' traveling. I save my ratty old underpants and then throw a pair out each night. As the trip proceeds, I'm making room in my suitcase for mementos and gifts.

I'm gradually packing, to collect everything in one place and see what I still need to dig out, and making sure I have the really important stuff, like this dog chew treat for Matthew:
Matthew is a rescue dog who lives at All Hallows Guest House at the church of St. Julian in Norwich. He's comfortable around women but afraid of men. Living with nuns suits him fine.

Sister Pamela, one of the winners who submitted a name for the bridge to link King Street with Riverside.

Sr. Pamela with Matthew

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