Saturday, September 12, 2009


Who would think it was possible to make so many mistakes in one tiny sweater? So far I have made the back hem in garter stitch and the two front hems in ribbing, picked up a dropped stitch halfway down the back, made one front too long, and now I discover the first sleeve is 1/2 inch too short. This is an easy fix, but good grief! How oblivious am I???
Nevertheless, it's coming along. I'll finish it pronto when I get home.

Here's an old-fashioned quilting bee -- well, more of a binding bee -- last Monday at our monthly Dump Salad supper. Judy is teaching this quilt at Expo this weekend, and needed to have the sample done and washed by Thursday.

This is the fourth or fifth year (maybe sixth?) of Quilt Expo in Madison. The first year they thought it would be a good sign if they had 2,000 - 4,000 people attend. There were 10,000! It has been very successful:

I've been busy getting things ready for DH to manage here without me (sob), and getting packed and organized to leave for England tomorrow (yaayyy!). I haven't done any sewing all week; I have been listening to the Goldberg Variations played on harp -- beautiful and amazing. I love that piece of music. I've also been listening to Alexander McCall Smith's 'Love Over Scotland' on my iPod. I'll take it with me, can't leave it behind unfinished! It's laugh-out-loud funny.

A great trip ahead
Loving family
Fun with good friends

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Leslie said...

It's amazing sometimes how the 'simple' things can go so wrong. But you know... that grandchild won't know anything except that their Grammy made it for them, they'll LOVE it. :)Happy trails.