Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home from England

Got home Friday night and am still between that time zone and this one. I'll tell more and show photos bit by bit (and in no particular order). This is a very old church in Canterbury, St. Martin's, built in the 6th C. and still in use:

This one is looking toward the West Door of Canterbury Cathedral from the quire (about 2/3 of the way up the nave):

A beautiful, beautiful space which reaches to the heavens.

And here is the view from my bedroom window in Canterbury:

I could walk (past all those banks of roses!) from my room to the cathedral in five minutes!

I will say that I'm grateful for wood floors and carpets at home -- we spent a good six hours a day standing and walking on stone floors -- very hard on the feet, knees and hips! How did those ancient folk do it?

very easy flights both ways
good traveling companions
wonderful experiences

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Leslie said...

Flying buttresses, how did they do those too? It's great to go and it's great to come home. Our own beds always feel sooo good.