Friday, July 3, 2009


Here it is! What nine year old girl wouldn't love this quilt? It really is this bright, though I think the yellow isn't quite so screaming as the photo would have you think. Here's the backstory:

In 1992, when I was a brand-new quilter, I saw the print fabric and fell in love. I don't know why this pattern popped into my head, but, having sewn some complicated garments, I figured I could make it. I did fine until it was time to join the blocks. Aack! The intersections were hideous. I put it away for sixteen years, and I worked to improve my technique. 2008: Surely I can do this now, I still love it, and I have a new granddaughter (acquired through marriage). So I started to put the blocks together. Aack! The intersections were hideous. What to do now? I may not be around in another sixteen years.

So I made little black yo-yos and put them over the intersections, and you know what? I like it better with the yo-yos than I would have without, even if the intersections had been perfect! There's a lesson in there. You can see the yo-yo that needs fixing in the bottom row, second from right. Not sure how to get it off without clipping the fabric or quilting stitches -- I'll have to use my welding helmet (a pair of humongous magnifiers that you wear around your head).

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Kathy Whitt said...

That's a great story. It is like my 18 year knitted afghan. I sewed the squares together 18 years after I knitted them. Your quilt looks very good. --Kathy