Sunday, July 5, 2009


Wish I could remember to put these photos on in reverse order! Anybody know how to re-arrange photos on blogspot?

Here's a close-up of the quilting on Kayla's quilt -- cute, huh? Fluffy feathers in the middles, spirals in the rings.

This afternoon I got my welding helmet on (should post a photo of that sometime!) and verrry carefully snipped the threads holding on the exploded yo-yo. I took it apart and pressed it, re-made it and put it back on:
I'm not going to get much show-and-tell mileage out of this quilt, as they're coming Thursday, when I'll give all three kids their quilts. We have Dump Salad tomorrow night, and I'll at least show it to those good QBs.

I hope DH is making the tuna sandwiches; we're going to American Players Theatre to see The Philanderer. It's the most wonderful outdoor theatre you can imagine, just magic! Oh, he's calling for assistance! Bye!

gorgeous day
a roof over my head and enough to eat

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Leslie said...

"Not much show and tell mileage". *grin* That's cute, I know what you mean.

To reposition photos in blog editor - if you're using Explorer, click and drag photo a little at a time. In Firefox, click photo to select, type Ctrl + 'X' to cut, click cursor where you want photo to be, type Ctrl + "V" to paste.