Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have to be wary of repetitive motion (did you know you use your shoulder muscles to hand-stitch? I didn't!), so I can only do two needles-ful on the binding a day. Slow going. I'm going to show you a hint of what's to come. Don't get your expectations too high.

My wonderful QBs at Dump Salad Monday night trimmed the backing and batting off this quilt, then machine-sewed the binding to the back. They are such good friends -- one of them even came to the house and flossed my teeth until I could do it myself! Friends don't get much better than that. (I wouldn't have dared ask, but she's a dental hygienist.)

I'm taking baby steps in recovery, but getting there. It will be a happy day -- or night -- when I can sleep on my right side again! Twelve weeks from surgery, the PT said. Because I have fibromyalgia, I'm like a windmill at night, continuously changing position so my muscles don't turn to cement.

Thanks, Leslie, for telling me how to move photos. I'd planned to do it on this post, but for some weird reason, it wouldn't let me upload the two other photos I'd intended to post. Next time.

getting better
wonderful friends
patient husband

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