Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday was a beautiful, breezy day; DH, the darling he is, carted me hither and yon, a welcome outing. We picked up the two quilts, and I washed Kayla's today. It's beautiful, but a yo-yo came undone and will have to be repaired. Today has been cold and dark, not a good day for photographing quilts, so that will have to wait for a more propitious moment.

I overdid yesterday and am paying the price today. It's my right shoulder, dominant hand. I feel good enough to be real bored, but obviously need to take it easy -- not too much handwork or knitting yet!

long-arm quilter did a fabulous job
all three grandkid quilts are done (except for a yo-yo)
I can wash my own armpits!

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