Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm baack!

Trail Ride

The last three days have seen an amazing improvement. Nights are still rough. Last night I took my iPod to bed and listened to Bach for 90 minutes before deciding he wasn't going to put me to sleep. So I got up and sat in DH's recliner with a lapdesk playing solitaire for a while. I haven't played it since I was a kid; I still can't win, even when I cheat. Finally my eyes started to droop. I got about four hours of sleep. But PT is going very well and I'm really pleased.

Tomorrow Jim is going to drive me to Whitewater to pick up two quilts from the long-arm quilter. So I'll have new stuff to show you. The quilt above is old stuff. The story that goes with this quilt is that I cut a lot more 2"x5" batik strips than I needed for a table runner, so I made this king size quilt out of the leftovers.

Gorgeous day today after the heat wave
Finally feeling better
DH has been a saint through all this

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Leslie said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. You probably know now why they call you 'a patient'. *chuckling* But they also call it a medical 'pratice' (!)
Love the autumn colored king sized. That must've been some cutting spree. :D I've made those kind of 'mistakes' before, often with happy results.
Hang in there!