Monday, June 15, 2009

Going on break

I didn't make it to the retreat, I was still too sick, but I did get to the Fest, which was wonderful. So many good, good people in one place, so much affection and kindness and care -- like quilters!

I'm still coughing and saw the doc late this afternoon. He conferred with the surgeon, and I had chest x-rays, and I got the green light for surgery tomorrow. I don't know when I'll be back in business here again, not for a while, at least.

DH helped me take photos of the quilts this afternoon. I don't deserve any credit for Bodie's, as it was a kit. I don't make labor-intensive baby quilts! I save that for their big kid quilts, which they won't outgrow so quickly. I thought the Hungry Caterpillar fabric was fun for a baby boy; the backing fabric is white with colorful bugs, too, and the long-arm quilter used a pantogram with flying bugs and their flight paths. Very cute. I got a copy of the board book to go with the quilt.

Here's Coplan's, which has a lotta seams! It has wool batting, so the quilting will at least show a little more in relief in such a busy quilt. The fabrics are ethnic and faux-ethnic, good for a sixteen-year-old-not-a-little-boy.

Kayla's is done too, but I have to pick it up yet, which will have to wait until I've recovered a little. I can't wait to see it.

a wonderful 'family' reunion with my religious order
getting this surgery over with tomorrow
some good recorded books for recuperating time

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Leslie said...

Shoulder pain is no picnic. Please take care and rest well. May Britt had the surgery late in 07 and is back to sewing - pain free. :o) Her post four days after surgery is here:

Left or right shoulder?