Sunday, March 29, 2009

There's a Reason

There's a reason I call this blog "Incremental Victories" -- that's the story of my life. What I accomplish is mostly done by the three steps forward, two back method. Overall it's progress, but I won't win any productivity awards.

This week the issue (one of them) has been the total chaos created when our internet service provider did an "upgrade" -- boy, is that a misnomer! We still have problems even after three trips to the Apple Genius Bar -- even the Geniuses there haven't been able to fix the mess. So tomorrow we take two computers and two iPhones back in for more work. I hasten to add that none of this is Apple's fault; the fault is entirely with our internet service provider. May be our former service provider before this is over.

The computer problems have been huge time-wasters, and I haven't been able to get a lot else done. However, I started this baby sweater for a new grandson:

I love these wonderful "cheater" sock yarns, and wish they would design some for adult size sweaters. I suppose there's a lot more variation in adult sizes than in infant sizes, and that's why we haven't got it yet.

I've made progress on the rag rug from selvages:

Right now it looks like a dog's dinner, but I'm not worried -- if it looks too bad, I'll overdye it when it's done. It cups a tiny bit, but I've convinced myself that when it's been walked on for a while it will lay flat. Long way before it's big enough, though, and now I have to stop until I have some more selvages. I have four quilt backs to piece, which will provide some, and I'll ask my quilting friends to save for me too.

Last night we got three of the six inches of snow predicted, and there was a raw wind this morning. But it was sunny this afternoon, and most of it's melted.

The goldfinches are turning yellow.
We can always go back to paper and pens.
Goblin is healing well.

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Finn said...

Hi Susan, thanks so much for stopping by today *VBS* I just had to pop over and tell you that I also have had both corneas replaced. One in 1997 and one in 1998 and felt so very blessed to have another chance at unclouded vision. You comment was very timely. I think there is a whole range of things that fall into the leftover or odd bits category. It's wonderful to see some of the younger gals trying to do more, where they are, with what they have.
The sweater is just charming, love the tones.
About your rug, if its curling you need to increase just a tad more. I find that if it curls(or cups) that's what you do. If it ripples, your increasing too much. Mostly I make round ones and have gradually figured out most of the tricks. Another possibility is that you may have to make a small snip about 1/8th in from the very outer edge. That one that is woven so tightly, and then tear down the length of the selvedge. That outer most part is woven tighter than the rest and will "pull". Kind of like if you cast on too tightly. Hope those bits help. Big hugs, Finn