Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sick and Grumpy

Wonderful retreat at the Jones Mansion in Mineral Point, WI last week, but two of the people had bad colds, another got sick while there, and now I am too. I had avoided getting a cold for more than a year, mostly by staying away from sick people. And it seems very unfair that a well person should have to forfeit the fee and stay home to avoid sick people who don't. So now I am sick. And grumpy.

However I got most of the piecing done for Coplan's quilt, which I'm anxious to finish so I can send all three children their quilts (including a brand-new grandson). If I felt better I'd probably have finished today. Maybe tomorrow.

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Finn said...

Hi Susan, just popping in to say "hi" and thank you for joining my followers. If you decide to put that on your sidebar, I'd be happy to join.
Love the picture of your rotor cup exercise...LOL For a minute there I wondered if you got to weightlift the furry friends. It's a great picture!
Sorry you are under the weather, and I totally agree about people who have colds staying away from the rest of us!!! Take good care of you, and get well soon. Hugs, Finn