Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Quick Projects

I have been losing or breaking sock needles with alarming frequency of late, and find myself with but one or one and a half needles when I'm out and about. I decided I needed to carry spares, so I made this little needle wrap:

And I saw a pattern for something called a "mug bucket" for $9.99 (for just the pattern). "Well," says I, "I don't need a pattern for that! I'll figure it out myself" and I did. There are mugs at every quilting retreat, so this will come in handy.

I am culling books, dusting bookshelves and cataloging more of my library. A huge job, but it's time to admit that at 63 and with so many unread books, I'm not going to re-read most of these, and not going to brush up my feeble Latin, French and German to re-read books in those languages. The unread books teeter in stacks on the floor in my study, and need to get up onto the shelves. But what a mess! Until I get the the culled books delivered to the public library for their Friends sale, and to Julian House for their library, there is no place for them except the floor. As I move them around, I have to change the identifier for their location in the online catalog, which is tedious but necessary if I hope to lay my hands on one when I want it. I have such admiration for librarians, who combine a wealth of knowledge with infinite patience. They are my heroes, and for another reason -- in spite of the stereotype of the shy, bookish librarian, they are the ones who had the courage to stand up to the Bush Administration and protect the privacy rights of United States citizens.

A pair of chickadees are cleaning out the wren house, presumably for their own use this summer. The wrens aren't due for a couple of weeks; I wonder what they will think when they find their summer home occupied? Guess I'd better hie myself to the wild bird store and get another wren house. It's getting crowded in the back woods, what with the wrens and the barred owls, and now chickadees nesting back there. But I miss the whippoorwills, who sang us to sleep at night for years, until the suburban sprawl got too close. I don't know what happened to them, or where they went. It saddens me. The world is infinitely poorer for the loss of our wildlife.

Environmentalists working to save wildlife
Librarians, Defenders of the Constitution


Leslie said...

Don't you just love the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you figure it out w-o buying the pattern and DIY?! Oh it's great, I especially like the mug bucket. :)
And it sounds like you have a bit of the Librarian in you as well. I don't have formal training as a librarian, but I've worked off and on in college and county libraries. It's a very special place to work in my mind, or should I say 'in my book'? ;)Creating an online tracking system of what I own sounds like something I'd do.

Exuberant Color said...

The mug bucket is cute. I may have to try that.