Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ant Latte?

This morning, when I dumped the coffee dregs from the pot into the sink, seven drowned ants fell out. It's March 5, for heaven's sake! How have they survived this cold winter? (Not to mention those blasted Asian beetles which never go away.) In some cultures, ants are considered an acceptable protein-based comestible, but I'd at least like to have washed them first. How would one go about washing an ant?

Yesterday I thought my cold couldn't get worse, but sure enough, it did. I didn't get much done yesterday, but today I will take a stab at finishing this postcard:

Although the leaf is a subdued batik, both it and the black background are more vivid than they appear in this anemic photo. I have some beads and a tiny acorn charm to sew on, then we'll see how it looks.

I had hoped to get the top of Coplan's quilt put together yesterday, but didn't. And my head is too clogged up today to be leaning over picking up and putting down blocks. Here it is to date:

hot tea
hot showers
no cold lasts forever


Exuberant Color said...

I love all of the bright colors and the block design.

Dana W. Fisher said...

Your quilt is just stunning and I love your fabric postcards.