Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The origins of my header

Leslie, at Pieceful Moments asked about the quilt in my header. It's a bull's-eye. Here's the story: My great-niece Sarah, age 6, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, and was facing chemotherapy and radiation. As soon as we heard, my daughter-in-law Claire (also a quilter) and I got together and cut all the pieces for background and 'flowers,' then each took half and made them up, met again a few days later and put it together. Next day I sewed little green leaves on and took it to the long-arm quilter, who said she could squeeze it in right away, and she quilted the whole thing overnight! That night Claire and I put the binding on, and the next day (exactly seven days after the news) I took it to the post office and mailed it to Boise, where Sarah lives. I put in a note saying that the more the quilt was washed, the more the flowers would 'bloom' so it was ok to throw up on it. That was a little more than a year ago. Sarah went through a hellacious year with all sorts of complications, but today she is in remission.


Leslie said...

Wow! What a great team effort to get it done and to the soon-to-be quilt owner. I love it! And so glad to hear she's in remission. Some time ago, I gave a quilt to a friend going to Stanford Medical for Bone Marrow Transplant therapy. He's 6 years out this month. God is good!

Sally said...

What a lovely idea and such a bright pretty quilt. It makes somebody feel special to have their own quilt, made with love.