Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Homely Things

You know about 'comfort food'? This is my 'comfort reading.' Written by an Englishwoman about fifty years ago, these books all take place in a little village called Fairacre. Nothing ever happens in them, but it doesn't happen so charmingly! It was a gentler time and place, or maybe that's just a myth, but I'd like to think it was so. I grew up in a small town, so I know a bit about what it's like to live where everyone knows everything about everyone else. Not always comfortable. But people knew when you needed help, and usually lent a hand.

Things are rising out of the ashes: Bluebells with buds!

Wildflowers I've never been able to identify! They look white here, but the petals have fine pale blue stripes.

I had some pretty Christmas fat quarters bought on sale, the right size for place mats, and decided to make them up this afternoon. You know how it is -- you don't feel like making Christmas stuff in the springtime, but then they go into the stash and you forget about them until next Christmas -- when you're too busy to make them. And so it goes. Not this time! I'll handsew the bindings on tonight.

flowers rising out of the ashes
a sunny day
a productive day


Finn said...

Hi Susan, I had to pop over and thank you so very much for the positive re-enforcement about the multitude of "beguns" I have. Gosh darn, for lack of a better reason, I'm not a disciplined person. I followed the path of the dream, the flibbity-jib, the free spirit as a child, and no one could run fast enough to pin me down. I suppose these is a stubborness in those of us that chose our own path. In life I finish faithfully what must be taken care of, but much of the rebel remains. I don't seem capable of beginning a quilt and taking it straight through to completion. Even with deadlines, I build in time for things to "just sit". I appreciate your kind words in my defense.
And what a rare treat to find another lover of Miss Read's stories of Fairacre!!!! Do you own them? Have you read them all? They are among my most favorite reading, and get read over and over. I would love to live in their village. Our library has many, but not all. I think my favorite is probably the Chronicals of Fairacre. I'm not as fond of the Thrush Green series.
Sending much gratitude and big hugs, Finn

Leslie said...

I jumped over to Amazon and read about Miss Read and Fairacre. Then I dashed over to the library portal and put in a request. They sound lovely, right up my alley. Have you read Jan Karon's books? The first in the series is "At Home in Mitford."