Sunday, August 10, 2008


The California grandkids left this morning after ten days with us while their parents vacationed in Belize.  If we needed a reminder of why people our age don't have children, this was it!  We are exhausted.  But the kids had a great time. We did just about everything there is to see and do:  toured the Cave of the Mounds, rode Aunt Claire's horse at Hoofer's stables, saw dinosaur skeletons at UW's Geology Museum, went to Vilas Zoo and the playground, saw Kung-Fu Panda, went to the butterfly hatch at Olbrich Gardens and swimming at the Middleton pool a couple of times.  Cousins Olivia and Annika had several overnights and play dates --  looks like they enjoy being together, doesn't it?

Erik spent about eight hours over two days building an awesome pirate ship (more like a barge) from styrofoam packing materials -- complete with sail, helm and two planks for enemies to walk.  (I suppose to a pirate the Good Guys are the Bad Guys.)

Here is Grandpa watching the kids while Nana cleans up from lunch:

And this is what they left behind in the laundry room:

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