Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I love a good mystery

Which doesn't include "Where did all these ants come from?" and "I cut this so carefully -- what happened?"

I am putting the finishing touches on the quilt from hell.  This was an ill-conceived project from the get-go.  The plan was to get together with a friend, sharing batiks, and make two similar quilts.  Ellen's was a wedding present for a friend's daughter; mine was to be a quilt that wouldn't show cat hair for our king-size bed.  Ellen finished hers a while back.  Mine is too wild for our calm, woodland bedroom.  I thought I'd put a soft color border on to tone it down.  Looked awful.  So I took it off, all 436 inches of it.  Today I cut black fabric for new borders and binding.  872 inches of it.  When I sew it on (including both sides of the binding), it will be 1744 inches.  Crikey.  I hope if I say the words "king size" again, someone slaps me.

This will now be a gift to our son and daughter-in-law, whose house is decorated in sports and exercise equipment (think snowboards and water skis leaning against the living room walls), and whose bedroom is primer white.  It will add some color and pattern and sparkle to their home, and they're young -- it probably won't keep them awake at night.

But what to do for our bed?  Tomorrow I pick up a bedskirt I had made especially to match the first, late border.  If I even whisper "king-size quilt," someone will slap me.

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