Sunday, July 13, 2008

Home Town Visit

Yesterday we went to the Dregne family reunion at the farm just outside Viroqua.  Amazing how many progeny derive from the three original Dregne siblings and their spouses.  I enjoy seeing the little ones and talking with those of my generation -- we are now the matriarchs and patriarchs.  That in-between age group, those just graduating from college and getting married, are not very interested in us old fogeys -- never fear, they'll get their turn!

My sister-in-law and I went into town so she could show me a couple of interesting places I haven't seen.  

First we went to Main Street Station:

This was the old Buick car dealership building.  It's now an indoor town square, complete with fountain and benches.  All around the sides are booths selling antiques, local art and locally-made lotions, clothing, etc.  There's an organic ice-cream shop and a pleasant patio in back for sitting outside.

Then we went to Ewetopia yarn shop:

They sell a lovely selection of high-quality commercial yarns as well as locally-grown, hand-spun and hand-dyed wools.  Also roving and wool for spinning.  The website has pdf files of some nice free patterns designed by the shop owner.  I'm going to make the Bicolor Spiral Cap.

In the early 70s "back-to-earth" young people began moving into Viroqua, and the locals didn't want those dirty hippies.  Now, thirty years later, the economic revival of this dying small town is entirely due to the dirty hippies.

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