Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Disaster Strikes

A tiny disaster compared with others that have occurred in the past week. A stone sculpture fell off our mantel and broke our stone fireplace hearth in three pieces: the sculpture didn't even get a scratch -- go figure!

The really weird thing is that just now I downloaded both this photo and one of the quilt I'm putting together, and I'm able to post this one but not the other. Why doesn't blogspot like my quilts?

I've posted a question on blospot's help site, and await assistance if assistance there is. Wish me luck, friends.

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Suze said...

if you are using the new photo loader in's kinda odd..I thought I was going nuts too when I first tried it..
When you select pictures off your puts thumbnails of the pictures on the will only actually put the one with the slight yellow highlight around it into the post..if you go back again to insert photo and move the highlight to the other one (click with the mouse), that one will then load into the post..
old version used to dump all of them that you selected into the post at much for New And Improved!! Hope this helps...

How odd about the hearth..can it be fixed without taking the whole thing apart?

I am still contemplating what I will make with my delicious batiks..I am thinking I would like to do one of those stripy batik matter how many tote bags I make, I seem to have them all filled up when I want to use one..and mostly with quilting supplies!