Saturday, December 19, 2009

What on earth?

Except for this one, all the newer photos are still on my camera, which is upstairs and I'm too tired to go get it. So here's a 'contest' for you: I'll send a pack of fat quarters to the first person who correctly guesses what this is a photo of. Be sure to include your e-mail address so I can contact you for your snail mail address. Send to me at

I've been baking cookies 'around' several repairman visits to fix the oven. It's been an eye-opener: No wonder our landfills are overflowing! The stove is only 15 years old, but the manufacturer no longer makes replacement thermostats. DH called every dealer within a hundred miles and finally found one that had it in 'old inventory.' Instead of $1500 for a new stove, we spent $240 and it's good as new.

Today I potted some amaryllis bulbs for post-Christmas bloom; once the tree and decorations are down, the house feels kind of bare, and that's when we need a reminder that things do still flower. Even though it's been ten days since our storm, the snow is still sticking to the north sides of the trees. It's really beautiful -- it outlines their interesting shapes.

Now I need to get a few more rounds of knitting done on an under-the-wire Christmas gift.

such good friends
cuddly kitties
nice dinner out with DH


Suze said...

I believe they are toy mice...

Susan said...

You're right, Suze! I was buying cat food, and this plastic bag of cat toy mice was on the counter -- it was so weird-looking, I hauled out my cell phone and took a picture. Please send me your snail mail address at, and I'll send you your fat quarters. Do you have a favorite color combination, or type of fabric (as in batiks, homespuns, etc.)?