Friday, December 11, 2009


You know how it is when you haven't written to a friend for a long time, and now you can't because there's so much to say and you don't have time? That's where I am with this blog . . . I keep putting off writing because if I go back to where I left off, it's overwhelming! So I'm just going to start with this week.

The snow on Tuesday night was simply beautiful. Here are our woods yesterday:

Good thing Mr. and Mrs. Wren go south for the winter!

I got this back from the long-arm quilter, and now have the binding machine-sewn on, but won't get to the hand-sewing until after Christmas:

I'm happy with it . . . it's the quiet quilt I wanted it to be. Quilted with feathers and feathered wreaths, it seems very feminine to me without being fussy.

During these snow days I've been working on a table runner for Christmas. I'm not liking it. Remember that column in, it was Redbook Magazine, I think, called "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" I keep looking at the table runner and thinking, "Can This Tablerunner Be Saved?" I wanted it to be festive and elegant, but it's just dreary. My friend Renee advises against working on a quilting project you don't like . . . maybe she's right. But I keep hoping something will jazz it up -- I'm making a border, we'll see what that does.

Tomorrow DGS comes for the day to make gifts for his parents and sister. If we have time, we'll make some Christmas cookies, and English gingerbread (quite different from the gingerbread here) for Sunday's Advent Festival of Lessons & Carols.

Now it's time to get my jammies on and have Evening Prayer.

winter's quiet beauty
a warm house
good homemade soup for supper


Kathy Whitt said...

Your woods are beautiful and so is the quilt.

Leslie said...

Love the quilt, isn't it great to have a finish? Time with DGS sounds perfect for the season. I'm reading a book on The Coverlets of Norway, so much work to shear and spin and weave enough to cloth and cover the family. I appreciate the era I live in!

*karendianne. said...

Gosh what lovely winter photos. I like how you just say down and decided to jump back into your writing here. Tuesday night was as good a time as any to start with. :)

And oh my but that's a BEAUTIFUL quilt. Blocks are so lovely and gosh but I love the feather quilting!!!