Thursday, October 1, 2009

Really Olde Things

This is a Stone Age hill fort. The people would have dug the ditch (second photo) using cattle's hip blade bones as shovels and red deer antlers as pickaxes. And we think we work hard.

This next one needs no naming! Whatever Stonehenge was meant for -- and no one knows for certain -- it has to have been very important to the people who built it. I have now seen many 'henges' as these stone circles are called, and none of the others had stones which came any higher than my chest. These are unbelievably huge, and each must have a good bit underground to have kept upright for so many thousands of years. See the person in the right background to note the scale.

I am almost back to Central Daylight Time (which will switch again soon!). The accumulated To-Dos and the new commitments that come with fall are keeping me swamped.

Fall is here (I love it).
DGG's 10th birthday - she's a pip!
DS's 42nd birthday coming up.

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*karendianne. said...

What a really neat post, a delightful Blog! I must return!!! I found you thru Finn's blog. Pleasure to meet you. *karendianne.