Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fiber "Arts"

Today DD-i-L and I took a class in fabric postcards and ATCs. This class was her birthday present last month, so she had to wait a bit to actually get it. It was very selfish on my part -- I haven't had a chance to get away and sew with her since last Thanksgiving weekend.

It was fun, like going to kindergarten and getting gold stars no matter what we did. I made this postcard using for background some trimmings from a quilt made years ago.

This ATC has a little pocket at the bottom -- the flowers were cut from a greeting card. I tried the hot-fix crystals on it, and liked the result, but somewhere between there and home one of the crystals fell off. So do I shell out about $40 for the heating tool and a tiny bag of crystals to replace the missing one? I think not . . . I'll take off the other two and sew beads in their place.
The idea is that these little projects don't take much time, unlike a big quilt. However I can see that the amount of "stuff" one can recycle into these projects would take over all the just-reclaimed closet space in my sewing room!

DGD played her trio beautifully
a perfect summer day

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