Thursday, January 29, 2009

Table Runners

Here are some table runners I finished in 2008.  This first was a sample of the Four-Patch Posy block.  Stack four repeats of a motif, cut in half both way, then arrange in kaleidoscope style.  I had some seed packet fabric which was perfect.    Sashing and borders are gingham.

This is a pattern called Long Lines.  Very simple.  I made a smaller one in blues and golds with koi fish -- a motif like the fish can be cut in half and a strip inserted and the eye fills in so it appears whole.  My son and daughter-in-law have that one.

This next table runner has been the subject of many jokes.  I cut way more 2"x5" strips than I needed, so I made a king size quilt out of the leftovers.  (Of course, I had to cut more strips!)  When I finished it, the center looked kind of blah next to the border, so I went in the backyard and gathered some leaves and traced them.  I cut those shapes out of similar colors of batiks, then cut a few identical ones in half down the center vein and sewed half of one leaf to half of another one.  It's subtle -- you would think it was all one fabric, but it gives depth and texture.  Then I raw-edge appliqued them to the center of the table runner.  It turned out very well.

Finally, this next one was out of the box for me.  The background of each square was embossed using Shiva Paintstix and rubbing plates.  Then the leaf on each used a different paint stick technique.  In theory, when you've made all six blocks, you've learned all the techniques for using them.  I'm sure some artistic folk have come up with a lot of new ways, but it's the basics.  I haven't used them since, but keep drooling over the photos in Quilting Arts magazine.

Did everything on my B list today
Started knitting the Ocean Waves scarf in lovely handpainted yarn
Gave the cat a bath and survived

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