Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guests at the birdfeeder

We have anywhere from two to four deer every day at the birdfeeder and birdbath. They've eaten all the bark up as far as they can reach now. Sometimes we have a mother with one or two of last year's fawns; she licks seed off the feeder and knocks some on the ground for the young ones.

I wonder how they get through the snow without breaking their delicate legs, but mostly they do. The other day, coming up the driveway, three jumped across and leaped into the woods -- a beautiful ballet.

Today I balanced my chequebook, which has been much easier since I started using a credit card for almost everything. But I was still off $675 and couldn't find it. (Good thing I'm married to a banker. In fact, I met him because I had trouble balancing my chequebook.) A task that should have taken ten minutes took two hours. No wonder I don't get any sewing done!

A balanced chequebook
Enough money left to give some away
Wildlife in our woods

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