Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A host of golden daffodils

I've been on the run since getting home late Saturday, so this is just a taste -- I'll fill in more later.

Here are a few of the quilters at The Clearing last week; we had stopped at The Red Cup coffee house on Washington Island before visiting Sievers School of Fiber Arts which was having an open house. At the far right is Judy Hasheider, who teaches at Sievers and also at The Clearing.

One of the many treats of the week was the flowers, mostly wildflowers at The Clearing, but also all the naturalized daffodils around North Door, as the northern part of Door County is called.

We took several field trips to visit these -- just spectacular!

I finished all but two of the picky little sampler blocks I had hoped to do (could have done all but didn't have the fabric with me), and after making one or two of those stinkers, I let myself do a simple quilt top -- which I just love! Photos to come.

a wonderful retreat
sublime surroundings
safe trip home

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Leslie said...

Beautiful daffies. I thought about you while you were at the Clearing. Hope it was all you were wishing for.