Monday, February 16, 2009

Productive Day

I'm being very disciplined about daily physical therapy for my rotator cuff issue, but this 'exercise' is the easy one -- even the cats like to get in on the act.

This is the third rearrangement of the blocks in this one-block wonder quilt.  When I saw the fabric, I saw blue and green, not pink.  There's a whole lot of pink in it, though, and I've been trying to make the blues and greens attract the eye.  I need to make some hollow cube blocks in blue and green to help out.

I promised I'd show the EAA retreat projects, and here they are.  First, a woven table runner.  I finished it today (featherstitching on raw edges and binding) -- I didn't want yet another half-finished project cluttering up the sewing room, which is already beyond redemption.

And this nifty little iPod or cell phone bag from a recycled necktie.  Very quick, and just what I need so I can listen to my iPod while sewing without danger of running a rotary cutter through the earphone cord. Tomorrow I'm going to help my little granddaughter make one for herself.

We also were given demonstrations for mitering hems and for attaching blanket binding without having to handstitch the corners closed.  Don't know how often I'll use the latter technique, but no doubt an application will arise sometime.

a day to sew
leftovers for supper
good friends

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